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About Us

AS LTT is a full-service wholesale and marketing company with 24 years of experience in food and alcohol beverages sales.

Our company was established in the fall of year 1992 and our activities are based on local private capital.

LTT started off as an importer of groceries followed by selection of wines and spirits.

By now we are stabile partner to more than 55 well - known producers.

Our product portfolio consists of leading brands in their categorys.

Company`s main activites are wh olesaling and retailing and our primary target customers are all main retail outlets and secondary target Horeca clients.

Company providing services like:

  • Importing goods into Estonia
  • Customs services
  • Warehousing, assembly and handling of goods
  • Distribution of goods in Estonia

Today we are operating in the warehouse, with the total area of over 3000 square meters.

Our aim is to be flexible regarding service selection - the ideal solution is found in co-operation with clients, considering their individual needs.

Latest news and history
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